McCarthy Family Photos

This is just part of the box. More will be scanned and posted in the future.

If you have corrections or additional information for these photos, please contact Brian McCarthy.

A toast at a family picnic m.jpg

Appear to be Haggstroms m.jpg

At the lake taking pictures - Ruby, Pat and Diane m.jpg

Barren Landscape m.jpg

Billy and Bobby colorized m.jpg

Billy and Bobby m.jpg

Billy, Bobby and Friend m.jpg

Billy's Birthday m.jpg

Billy's Birthdayblowing out the candles m.jpg

Bud and Friend in Seattle m.jpg

Bud on a rocky hill m.jpg

Dad and Friends m.jpg

Esther and child m.jpg

Fishladder m.jpg

Florence and Bud on the pier m.jpg

Florence and small boy on tricycle m.jpg

Florence being snotty m.jpg

Florence in mission courtyard m.jpg

Florence in southwest m.jpg

Florence with two children m.jpg

Florence with Virginia, Mickey, Paul, Grandma Lohan and who else m.jpg

Grandma Lohan m.jpg

Haggstrom and McCarthy Kids m.jpg

Is this Sam Riehn m.jpg

Kids at Hood Canal m.jpg

Max Paige and Sam Riehn at a party m.jpg

McCarthys and Paiges m.jpg

Mickey m.jpg

Mission tower m.jpg

Old Dalles Dam m.jpg

Pair of girl scouts m.jpg

Pile of Rocks m.jpg

Rachel, Bud and Walt m.jpg

Rachel, Paul and Florence second photo m.jpg

Rachel, Paul and Florence m.jpg

Sister's Wedding m.jpg

The Older Lohan Children m.jpg

The twins school photo m.jpg

Unknown woman and two chidren m.jpg

Very young Florence and Bud m.jpg

Young Bud colorized m.jpg

Young Bud m.jpg

Young Florence and Bud all dressed up m.jpg

Young Florence and Bud on 19th street m.jpg

Young Florence and Bud m.jpg

Bob and Friend m.jpg